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Nish Thaver, BSc, BEd is the founder of Young Mind Body Spirit: Wellness Services for Children and Adults offering Laughter Yoga, Kids Yoga and Reiki Energy Healing & Relaxation. Nish is a certified BC teacher and teacher educator by profession and over the last few years has actively pursued her passion in wellness both for herself and helping others live more balanced lives. Today, she is growing her company because she loves doing what she does – bringing together both the yin (Reiki energy healing) and yang (laughter yoga) of wellness into her everyday life and interactions with others around her. Contact me to book a Laughter Yoga session at your place of work (for a staff meeting, lunch time event, retreat, etc), social event, birthday party, family/friends get together, at your school or preschool, etc – Wherever you are, I come to you and we can spread the joy and health benefits of laughter together! Visit me at my website: . Or call/send me an email – 778.855.6474, "Laughter is an instant vacation!" ~ Let's take one together!