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In 2008, I had a serious heart problem. The doctors successfully restored the physical part of my being for which I give many, many thanks.

However, my problems started after the successful medical intervention. I realized I had seen death. I was returned back to my temporary, mortal life on earth but I got massive depression, lost my sense of purpose, direction, aim, goals, usefulness, and the reason for living. Why? I felt I was useless. Yes, I was walking and talking like everybody else…, but I was not me… My physical part was healthy, however inside my body – the Me – was in turmoil – a hurricane, boiling all the time, every time…
I was real pressure cooker, ready to explode.

Then I made “The Discovery of Century” – Laughter. Strange?
Here I am, a living testimony of my new life. Laughter opened for me this new life, with new perspectives, a new outlook, new vision. It opened new horizons, and restored order to my life. Laughter is my safety valve, releasing me from daily pressures.
I highly recommend, and want to share this simple but unique experience – my own story.

Share my journey of Laughter Yoga.

Step by step
Day by day
In every possible way
Smile and Laugh,
The world will Laugh for you.

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