Chantal Michelle

Chantal Michelle comes from France. She has studied health and happiness for over 20 years and is eager to share her knowledge with you! Laughing has been a part of her life since she was a little girl. Chantal Michelle became a certified Laughter Yoga leader in 2012: During the training she was inspired to write this message: Our society is yearning for genuine connection We are stuck in our fear of each other We are afraid to be rejected so instead of opening up to each other We contract and retract in our narrow shell and we suffer from it Because deep inside what we really want is to connect, share and have a good time with each other So be the one to take the risk to open up and reach out to another human being Be the one who starts the connection and see what happens When all fears are gone, when there is only openness and trust shared among all humans There will be peace on Earth Start by making peace with yourself Peace starts from within Start by accepting yourself The first thing you can do is not care about the critical voice inside Let go, and give yourself a chance to relax.

Chantal Michelle’s key words are:
FREEDOM: of Expression, in your mind , heart and body
ENTHUSIASM: Openly sharing with others without any reserve
AUTHENTICITY: Create a genuine connection with others, look at them in the eyes
INSPIRATION: When you meet people, lift them up!
ENERGY: Breathe, move and get oxygen going in your body! Chantal Michelle brings her sunny personality and help you open your heart and free your body! The key to a better world is to allow yourself to express yourself fully and allow others to express themselves fully and freely too! Chantal Michelle wishes to incorporate Laughter Yoga in her health and happiness workshops in schools, companies and hospitals.

You can contact her at: