Susan Lee Woodward

I was introduced to Laughter Yoga in the spring of 2016, taught by Kasim Al-Mashat and Seia Roots. I took the free evening session and was instantly hooked. I knew I would be back for more. After a difficult and dark period in my life, I was searching for meaning to the path I was on, and was exploring new ways to connect with others, heal my wounds, and generate a sense of joy in my life – a return to childlike wonder and playfulness. I had lost touch with my purpose. Laughter Yoga was a fundamental piece to getting back my mojo, brightening my spirit, and bringing pleasure back – just for the fun of it. I am a Medical Intuitive, Reiki Teacher/Practitioner, Writer and Blogger. After 25 yrs. in the non-profit sector as a fundraiser (crunching numbers, event planning), I decided to leave that world and start my own business doing what sparks my passion – intuitive healing and connection. As a Medical Intuitive I get to the root of spiritual, emotional, mental and physical causes of dis-ease in the body and help others on their healing journey. As a Reiki practitioner I assist people to promote stress release and move stuck energy through and out of the body through chakras and meridians (similar to acupuncture). The vision I have for Laughter Yoga includes bringing smiles to the faces of teachers, children, corporate teams, seniors, parents, babies, teenagers and anyone wishing to bring laughter, for no reason, into their lives. Laughter brings a universal component to any encounter, crossing all barriers of language differences, and cultural differences – community at it’s best. I stand whole-heartedly behind the purpose of Laughter Yoga – to promote WORLD PEACE, one belly laugh at a time.

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